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DIGICOM’s Professional Development!

By Joseph Hong, Palm Springs Desert Sun, June 21, 2018 The school year just ended, but some local teachers are already back in the classroom. For the past two weeks, educators from throughout the Coachella Valley have participated in the professional development...

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Rise and Shine!

  By Xochitl Pena, The Desert Sun May 18, 2018 “One thing is clear following the DIGICOM Film Festival on Thursday, there is an abundance of talented young filmmakers across the desert.“ One thing is clear following the DIGICOM Film Festival on Thursday, there is an...

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2018 Luncheon honoring Patty Newman

2018 Luncheon honoring Patty Newman It's All About The Kids! Philanthropic leader Patty Newman to be honored at the 3rd Annual “It’s All About the Kids” Luncheon for DIGICOM Learning. Palm Springs,CA. – DIGICOM Learning is proud to announce Patty Newman as the honoree...

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Our Digital Video Stories




Student Voices in the classroom!


DIGICOM works in English Class, reinventing the book report, engaging students through creative writing, and inspiring storytelling.

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DIGICOM works in History Class, inspiring students to go beyond the book. Students research on their own and show a geater level of information retention.

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DIGICOM works in Science Class, teaching students about genetics, the earth, and even chemistry by tasking students to create relatable stories.

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DIGICOM even works in Math Class, where students use numbers, shapes, and equations in their digital stories.

This should be as easy as 1 + 1.

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The 2018 Film Festival

The Rise and Shine festival is now over! Did you miss it?

Watch it here!

Student Voices about their lives!


 Antony Trujillo, student at Desert Hot Springs High School, created this video to share his personal story of regret resulting from the last words he shared with his father.

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I Am Beautiful

Shaina, a student at James Workman Middle School, reflects on her struggles with self image and self-acceptance.

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Nayef shares the compelling story of his visit to see the rest of his family in Syria.

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The World is My Portrait

Madison Eves shares the story of her passion of art and how she gets her inspiration through the world around her.

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When I learned about Digicom and I was excited to be able to show who I was as a person and how I felt about life and in a beautiful way I brought my thoughts and feelings to life. Without Digicom, I would not have been able to be the voice for my little sister and I would not have the experience of creating films.

Lexis Jones

Graduate, Desert Hot Springs High School

Student voices are powerful. They are voices of the future. They’re voices for change. Voices of hope and perspective. Each one is vibrant and unique, and to bring out those voices, teachers in PSUSD receieved training from DIGICOM that enables them to engineer compelling learning experiences that are rich in opportunities for choice. When the whole world is paying attention to their Youtube channels, students work harder. They ask more questions. They invest more time.

Jessica Pack

California Teacher of the Year, James Workman Middle School

Student Voices in the world!

Black Voices Rising

Black voices rising is a DIGICOM created community program with the mission of having the black community bring their stories to life.

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English Spanish Program

Students use digital storytelling as a tool to help educate the spanish community of the programs and services that are availible to them as parents.

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After School Clubs

DIGICOM After School clubs is a middle school program that allows students a “beyond the classroom” look into digital storytelling.

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 Students involved with DIGICOM team up with art students to collaberate on creating and learning about the arts from industry profressionals.

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More Student Stories


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