DIGICOM LEARNING Screens Latino Films at New Festival

DIGICOM Learning screened two dozen films during the Official Latino Film and Arts Festival Oct. 11–14, 2018, at the Coachella Library. The short films, produced by Latino students and teachers throughout the Coachella Valley, dealt with a wide range of topics — from politics and cultural traditions to personal identity and tragedy. 

“DIGICOM Learning continues to expand it programming of digital storytelling throughout the Coachella Valley, and this premiere festival was a great opportunity for us to showcase films produced specifically by Latino students,” says Stephen Heslin, executive director. 

Research from the University of California, Irvine, shows that digital storytelling — in addition to teaching digital literacy — is an excellent way to engage students in learning and leads to better retention of information. It also encourages community involvement and enables students to achieve social and emotion growth, particular when digital storytelling focuses on topics that are uniquely personal. 

“By featuring these Latino films at the festival, we hope more Latino students will be inspired to take part in DIGICOM Learning programs and produce their own digital stories,” Heslin says. 

To view the DIGICOM Learning films screened during the Official Latino Film and Arts Festival — some featuring new interviews with the student filmmakers — follow the link below.